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According to statistics, over a billion people use Instagram actively every month. The platform has become more than just a social network for entertainment; it is also quite appealing from the business perspective. Comments on Instagram are arguably the most important metric for assessing the engagement of the followers as well as unsubscribed consumers of the content. Thus, it represents the level of interest among other users and provides a lot of data to the creator.

Figuring out the nuances of algorithms as well as finding the most efficient ways of accumulating mentioned comments has become an essential part of developing an Instagram profile. Purchasing them can be efficient if you know when and why to buy comments.

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Why are Comments on Instagram Important?

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IG comments are not the metric that users try to increase in the first place. While the majority pays attention to likes and forget about it completely, our opinion is that accumulating messages from users under your post is a sure way for the development of the account.

These factors make comments so crucial:

  • Representation of authenticity. It is difficult to be unique with thousands of active profiles in every niche you can imagine. In fact, it is more important to be authentic. The availability of feedback or discussions under posts proves the realness of your brand, which immediately distinguishes it from hundreds of generic pages;
  • A tool for building a solid customer base. You as a creator can figure out the target audience by checking the most active followers. On the other hand, potential clients that pay attention to the comment section can relate to some opinions. Algorithms will expose your content to people of a particular demographic and with a certain set of interests;
  • Comments for Instagram increase the level of connection to the brand. The profile just feels like there are only real people running it and following it if there are active discussions and feedback under the content. The type and consistency of the creator’s responses show that you value the opinions of the interested users and allows building a deeper connection with your audience;
  • Improving the quality of the social image of the brand. Customers and creators in the industry begin to treat your business better, the more trustworthy it becomes. There is no chance that the page with a decent amount of followers and likes but without comments under posts will be treated seriously;
  • Building an active community. At the end of the day, the use of social platforms for promoting an existing business or creating and developing a new brand revolves around connecting with the audience and turning followers/interested parties into clients. The fact that there is a visible engagement from users as well as from you proves that the brand has a lot of potential for healthy development.

Why Should You Buy Instagram Comments?

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While there is no doubt in the importance of real feedback under IG posts, the problem of getting it stays unsolved for many new creators. The struggle of getting any exposure is more than real due to the enormous level of competition on the platform. We think that you have to be ready to buy Instagram comments if you expect to get more traction in the early stages of growing your audience. Of course, in some cases, you can avoid this, but here is a list of benefits of purchasing comments:

  1. Improved visibility. The algorithm decides on the level of exposure of the content considering the number of likes and comments. However, readable feedback has a lot more weight for the platform now. Thus, getting your desired audience to see the content requires having a certain level of activity under it;
  2. Chain effect. People are usually very reluctant to start any type of discussion or make their thoughts public. Even if they have something to say about the content or the product/service it promotes, the complete absence of comments can make them think that there is no point in sharing it. On the other hand, noticing that the post already has a number of Instagram comments raises their interest to get into the discussion too. There is a high chance they will find something to say after they read some other views or opinions.
  3. Saving time. There is no doubt that struggles to gain initial activity on the profile may take even more time and effort than creating good content. Buying comments will allow you to increase productivity. Thus, there is more potential for improving the content itself, which is an essential part of growing on IG;
  4. Increasing the level of trustworthiness of a new product/service. If your business is in the early stage of development, you will not have a lot of credibility in the industry. Interested clients will use your IG profile to ensure the quality of your work. Thus, if you are confident in what you promote, you can buy Instagram comment likes to build some trust among interested customers;
  5. Getting frank feedback. Purchasing comments from reputable services can get you opinions from real people that you can use to figure out the further destination of your profile. Again, other users on the platform might find some comments relatable and leave the words of approval, which will give you an even clearer understanding of what people want to see on your page.
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What are Real Instagram Comments?

Real Instagram comments are the feedback from the accounts managed by real people on the platform. On the other hand, there are fake ones automatically generated and posted via bot profiles. When we mentioned that purchasing comments includes some nuances, it was exactly about the type of metric you go for.

These are the main reasons you should avoid fake feedback:

  • High level of risk. While there is no particular policy that prohibits buying comments, there are strict rules about boosting the level of engagement with bots. In the worst-case scenario it can lead to a permanent ban of the account;
  • Inconsistency in numbers. When you pay to get more comments on Instagram, you expect to obtain a certain fixed amount of them. Even though it takes more time for the services to provide real comments, you can be sure that their number will not go down with time due to IG deleting bot accounts;
  • Irrelevant feedback. Artificially generated comments are not based on the content itself, which makes it easy to figure out their fakeness. Instead of improving the engagement and trust, they only hurt the reputation of the brand;
  • Quantity over quality. This type of approach is not appropriate with comments. You just will not be able to get all the benefits we mentioned earlier from fake comments. The chances that users will be able to relate to any of them are really low, which will have only a negative effect on your activity;
  • No refund guarantees. The services also understand the level of risk that comes with purchasing fake comments and usually do not offer any refund policies on them. On the other hand, buying real IG comments is secure due to multiple guarantees.

How to Get More Comments on Instagram?

While there are certainly some cases when you should buy comments Instagram posts will have, natural engagement is also crucial. If you use the functionality of the platform wisely, it is possible to make algorithms work for you in improving the level of exposure of your content. Here are some essential tips to make it happen:

  • Post high-quality content. It can be something beautiful, interesting, or controversial; everything that will make users drop a comment. As simple as it sounds, no tips will be efficient if there is nothing worth attention on your profile;
  • Offer something valuable in return. Giveaways and contests of different types have shown their efficiency in raising the level of engagement. Holding them increases interaction between a creator and audience and provides benefits to both sides;
  • Simply ask users to leave their thoughts under the post. Showing your genuine interest in the feedback is a sure way to actually get it. Take advantage of the caption to connect with the consumers of the content. For instance, you can also mention the upcoming Q&A and say that you will pick the questions from the comment section;
  • Always respond to Instagram comments. You can even mention that in the caption. When the users see that you actually show interest in their feedback and take your time to respond to it, they feel more eager to leave it;
  • Put some time into figuring out the time of the day when your target audience is most active and post accordingly. This way you can make sure that your post will not get lost in all the variety of content before the proper amount of people sees it;
  • Create a posting schedule and follow it. Being consistent with posting increases the chances of keeping the activity on the profile on a decent level. The more people see your content the higher are the chances to get their opinion on it.

Why is the Best Place to Buy Instagram Comments?

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If you have finally decided to buy Instagram comments, Flickstagram is one of the best choices of services to get them from.

List of general pieces of advice you should follow while picking such a website:

  1. The availability of real comments/likes. The service has to offer a verified database of profiles it uses for increasing the engagement of customers. Any fake accounts that terminate the rules have to be excluded from it to guarantee the consistency of the service;
  2. Competitive prices. The current market is full of options, which is why you have to compare price lists to get the best deal possible;
  3. Refund policy. The website has to provide a guarantee on its services, which will allow you to refund the purchase in case you are not satisfied with it.

The reason why we can easily recommend Flickstagram for any business/creator who needs an initial boost of activity is that it complies with all the main requirements we mentioned above.

Flickstagram – #1 service for Instagram Marketing

How to Buy Verified Instagram Comments?

Use the services of the websites that offer delivery of good comments on Instagram like Flickstagram.

Is It Legal to Buy Comments?

The platform does not have particular restrictions when it comes to buying comments but it does not appreciate using bots either. Buy comments Instagram will not find fake to avoid any potential problems.

Can I Buy Custom Instagram Comments?

When you buy real comments, you can make some specific inquiries because the websites use the database of real profiles to leave them.

How to Purchase the Best Instagram Comments?

Buy Instagram comments only from reputable platforms with a good reputation and avoid sites that do not provide decent protection for your password and personal information.

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