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With almost 1.4 billion active users, this social media platform is in fourth place in the ranking of all sites in 2021. When it first appeared on the market in 2010, there were no alternatives that gave their users such freedom in expressing themselves through posting pictures and videos.

Instagram likes, a system of hashtags and followers count were introduced as a representation of the engagement. People immediately figured out the potential of the platform for promoting an existing business or creating a new brand. Understanding the nuances of algorithms, discovering the ways to get likes and gain traction quickly became necessary factors for competing with other creators.

This article focuses on the most efficient way of making your content popular.

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Why are Likes on Instagram Important?

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IG likes is the most crucial metrics factor on the platform, period. The way the algorithm works only proves the importance of them for gaining traction. There are multiple reasons that make this parameter as desired and sought for among the users:

  1. Factor of social acknowledgement. If a company has a profile on social media, it is a very predictable and logical step for the potential client to check it out. Of course, everyone pays attention to the numbers to evaluate the recognition of the services among other users. It is simply difficult to imagine a successful brand with a great social image but 10 to 20 likes under the posts in IG. In some cases, it is totally fair to equate these numbers to the level of trustworthiness of the brand;
  2. Increasing the number of likes is equal to viral exposure. The algorithm considers increasing likes for Instagram accounts a key factor of the interest of users to it. The site assumes that if a certain number of users has found something worth liking, it is a viable reason to show this content to others. There is a direct relationship between the number of likes and level of exposure;
  3. Opportunity of building an active audience. Developing a newly created profile is a challenging task. Unless you offer very niche content, you can be sure that there are already hundreds of big accounts with content similar to yours. Getting consistent numbers of Insta likes makes it more possible for your posts to appear in the search results as well as in the feed of users. Thus, you can gain an active follower base that genuinely appreciates your content; but it would not be able to find it in case it did not have enough “hearts”;
  4. Gauging the level of interest. You as a content creator have to keep track of metrics and assess its trends. The quantity of real likes and the rate of their growth allow estimating the potential of the brand/content. It is crucial to understand how the audience accepts what you post to decide if you should post it in the first place;
  5. Likes are the alternative to reviews. If you use Instagram for increasing the presence of a product or service, interested parties will use it for ensuring the quality is decent. Considering that we live in the age of short attention span and fast scrolling, the majority of potential customers will not make an effort to read the comments. Instead, they would make assumptions just after peaking on the number under the post.

Why Should You Buy Instagram Likes?

There are different opinions on whether you should buy Instagram likes or not. By now, you already understand what makes this metric so essential within the platform and the next step is discovering the reasons to stick with the most efficient ways to increase it:

  • Snowball effect. The extent to which the platform itself exposes your content depends on the number of likes it gains and the time it takes for the process. Therefore, to start getting real Instagram likes and followers actively, you need to have an initial boost;
  • Creating space for competing. As we have already mentioned, almost all the content you see in your feed is from the top biggest accounts in that particular niche. If you do not want to invent something completely new, investment in likes will pay off with giving your content a chance to be exposed to users;
  • Focus on the content itself. When you strive to bring your creative vision to life, it takes a significant amount of time and effort. Unfortunately, developing an IG profile requires many marketing skills too. When you buy likes on Instagram, you manage to skip the most difficult part – obtaining an initial audience of the profile and get the opportunity to invest your time into the content itself;
  • With 1.4 billion users, at least half of which expect to gain some profit from the platform, Instagram is a place for many fake pages. Some profiles try to deceive other users by pretending to be celebrities or representatives of big companies. This has created an environment where people have many suspicions and require some proof to build trust. Even if you buy Instagram likes at the first stages of developing an account, your content obtains a decent level of credibility. It just means that you have enough confidence in your content to invest in it and expose it to a large audience;
  • High returns on investments. All of the reasons mentioned above have one general idea: buying likes helps to develop a business. It does not matter if you are an independent creator who wants to make profits from ads or a company that needs to promote goods, higher exposure always means more success.
  • Making a certain post visible. Even though it might be risky for a reputation of the brand to abuse purchasing “hearts”, sometimes you just need people to see a post. Gaining high numbers of likes on it is a sure way to make it “viral” and to translate the important information to as many people as possible in the shortest time.
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What are Real Likes on Instagram?

The most important piece of advice we can give you is “buy real Instagram likes”. It might seem impossible at first because some people have a wrong definition of a “real” like. Some users take into account only naturally gained traction, per se, as that people left after seeing your content in the feed and actually appreciating it. In fact, it is not the main and only factor of validity of the like. We suggest diversifying “real” likes into two subcategories:

  1. Likes Instagram post gains naturally from people who stumble upon it while being on the platform;
  2. Likes from real users that use their profiles to leave them.

As you can see, the second category is much less specific and these likes are what we are after. The main reason for that is that cheap Instagram likes are in fact only damaging the reputation of the brand. Why? Because the services you buy them from use bot accounts to leave those likes. Considering it is easy to check who leaves the likes, people will easily find out that they have no actual value and it will only make things worse. Moreover, most of the bot profiles used for this do not even have a profile picture and have generic names, which makes it even easier to figure out the scheme behind it.

On the other hand, real likes are from active profiles that have posts and followers. This also means that the number of likes will not go down with time due to the blocks of the bot profiles. It guarantees the safety of your profile too because improving the traction with bots is strictly forbidden by the policy of the platform. Thus, buying Instagram likes is only a viable option, if you purchase them from decent services that guarantee the realness of the mentioned metric.

How to Get More Likes on Instagram?

At the end of the day, regardless of the new policy IG implemented in 2019 that allows users to hide the numbers of likes under posts, this metric still remains one of the most important for the algorithm of the platform. We want to offer you a list of working tips on how to get likes on Instagram efficiently:

  1. Share high-quality appealing content. The most obvious step that many creators miss while thinking too hard about getting as many views and traction as possible with the help of different hacks. The harsh truth is that if the content is not good, nothing will work out to make it popular;
  2. Take advantage of the hashtag system. The platform itself makes it possible to search for and follow certain hashtags, which is why you can easily increase the exposure of the post by using that;
  3. Offer giveaways. It might be a contest where the winner will get something of value for meeting only one requirement: leaving a like. This is a sure way to collect more likes from your followers as well as new users that see it as a free opportunity;
  4. Include the right location. This tip is especially valuable for land-based venues that try to promote their services on the platform. People living in the same area are more likely to see the post if you tag the location;
  5. Be creative with your captions. To get likes on Instagram or engage people in writing comments you need to take advantage of the caption of the post. It might be something funny, interesting, or debatable. Decide on the mood of the message and its purpose; every situation is unique. Everything works unless it goes over the limit of 2.2 thousand symbols and sounds boring;
  6. Use reputable services to buy real likes. As we have discovered earlier, purchasing of the exposure is possible and viable today in case you are doing it right and with a wise approach;
  7. Always tag relevant users. It might be a famous creator in the same niche or a profile of a company you collaborate with. This way you get a chance to be featured in their stories or even on their profile, which will expose your content to their audience and bring you instant likes.

Why Choose for Buying Instagram Likes?

At this point, you certainly understand that to buy likes on Instagram you need a serious approach to choosing a proper service. Unfortunately, the market includes some websites, which will not satisfy your needs. On the other hand, sticking with Flickstagram provides users a list of significant benefits:

  • Support of multiple payment methods including PayPal, which makes the whole process of purchasing quite seamless and swift;
  • Focus on quality over quantity. Here you can be sure that all the Instagram likes you buy are from real users. The service has a strict policy of checking all the profiles in the database and excluding ones that violate any rules;
  • Competitive price. Despite offering top-notch services and a high level of guarantees, the prices are very affordable even compared to alternatives of the market;
  • Functioning support service. Even if you encounter any problems with the services, it will not take much effort to reach out to the representative of the customer help team and solve them. Moreover, the service is available 24/7.

Flickstagram – #1 service for Instagram Marketing

How to get likes on Instagram instantly?

If you need to gain a significant amount of likes under the post, you can just buy Instagram likes using relevant internet services.

Is it legal to buy likes?

There are no regulations that directly prohibit it, but boosting a profile with the help of fake bot accounts is not welcomed at all.

Can I get real likes on Instagram?

Yes, many online services offer real likes for Instagram. This means that they use existing active profiles for leaving them, which makes them viable.

What are the benefits of buying likes on Instagram?

When you buy likes, you get instant feedback and an increase in traction. It is especially great for smaller profiles that struggle to gain exposure due to overwhelming competition.

How does materialdesignthemes Instagram like service work?

It allows clients to buy Instagram comment likes from real people in several clicks.

How to buy likes on Instagram?

You need to find a proper Insta like service like Flickstagram that guarantees the quality of its services and delivers them instantly. The process of purchasing itself requires an account with a unique password and choosing a bundle you need.

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