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According to statistics, the number of active accounts on Instagram today exceeds 1 billion every month. Modern businesses and growing brands cannot miss such a diverse audience and take advantage of the platform to develop.

Figuring out how to promote Instagram posts is an essential step of “beating” the algorithm and getting the most out of sharing your content. It is crucial for increasing the visibility of a product/service as well as for improving the social image of the brand. Exposure is a key to growth on Instagram.

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What is Instagram Promotion?

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Instagram promotion is a feature that has been launched by the platform in 2016 simultaneously with business accounts. It is important to distinguish it from Instagram ads, which also allow increasing the engagement and creating more traction but work in a different way. The most significant difference is that promotions are more suitable for raising the awareness of the audience about the brand, while ads usually require full-fledged campaigns and work better for gaining regular customers.

Another key difference is that you can take any existing post with good performance and pay the platform to promote it. It obtains a special tag and gets a considerably higher priority for the algorithm. Unlike with ads, there are not that many preferences you can choose for targeting specific audiences with promotions. Considering the fact that the profiles share over 100 million posts daily, IG promotion is a necessary tool for getting decent exposure. Moreover, some sources claim that almost 90% of all accounts follow at least one business profile.

How do Instagram Promotions Work?

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Before you decide to pay for promotion, let’s figure out how exactly it works. As we have already mentioned, this feature is only available to business accounts. Using it, you can make posts and stories sponsored. This provides you an opportunity to choose and reach a more specific group of users, thus increasing engagement. In addition to the “Sponsored” tag that gives the content higher priority for popping up in the feed, the post also gets an interactive Call to Action button at the bottom. CTA is customizable; you can get users to visit your IG profile or landing page of the company as well as message you via IG direct. Depending on your preference, the button will include pre-written text like “Contact Us” or “Learn More”.

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How to Promote on Instagram?

To give you a full understanding of how to promote your Instagram publications, we will provide a description of every step. Hope you have already completed the first necessary step we mentioned above, which is turning your account into a business one through the settings.

Main steps of the process:

  • Decide on the post/story you prefer to make more visible and click on the blue “Promote publication” button;
  • Choose where the post has to send viewers. This should depend on your final goal. For instance, building a brand or growing the audience requires a follower base on “Your Profile” while selling a product or service is possible if people visit “Your Website” or contact you via “Direct Messages”;
  • Decide on the target audience. While you can opt for automatic selection based on your current follower base, we recommend manually creating it. Thus, you can pinpoint the location, main interests, and age of the accounts you want to engage in your content;
  • Set your budget and estimate the Instagram promotion cost. Here you choose how long the campaign will be going (the limit is 30 days) and how much you want to pay every day. The service shows you the estimated reach depending on the settings, which helps to set the right expectations.

Best Way to Promote on Instagram

To answer a common question, which is “Do you have to pay to promote on Instagram?” you need to know general tips on increasing the visibility on the social platform.

Take advantage of the following tips:

  1. Have a serious approach to posting. As simple as it sounds, what content you share is more important than how you try to promote it. Keep the balance between ads and real content, post photos of people and content generated by users;
  2. Use the hashtag system to reach out to the audience with particular interests. Find out what are the most popular hashtags in your niche and include them in the captions;
  3. Tags draw new followers. Tag location, celebrities of the industry as well as popular brands to get more traction. It is free and does not include any risks or drawbacks, so there is no reason not to use it.

There is no doubt that the most efficient way of improving exposure is combining paid marketing with a wise approach to posting itself.

Benefits of Paying for Instagram Promotion

Why bother with promotions on Istagram? The answer is definitely yes if you really take your IG activity seriously and want to make the most out of it.

Main advantages:

  • The high engagement level of approximately 1.7% per cost. This number is considerably higher than what you potentially get with other social networks;
  • Improving sales. Surveys prove that almost 80% will purchase from a company if they follow its profile on social media platforms;
  • Exposure to active users. Instagram is the main source of information for the majority of people nowadays;
  • Guaranteed visibility. The service cannot promise that your content will go viral but you pay for a certain estimated reach and can be sure that a particular amount of people will see it.

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How to Choose Good Instagram Promotion Services?

Buy Instagram promotion from the platform itself that offers safe service with a number of guarantees.

Is It Legal to Buy Instagram Promotion?

It is completely legal to promote Instagram posts and the platform itself supports the users that pay for raising the visibility of their content.

Are Instagram Promotions Worth It?

Real Instagram promotion is a perfect tool for brands that need to increase their online presence and improve their image.

How Much Does It Cost to Promote on Instagram?

Instagram promotion price depends on the budget of the user with the lowest limit of 1 USD per day. You should also consider the duration of the campaign.

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